An Operation Based on a Love of Mountain Skiing

Get to Know Your Hosts, The Aubreys

We started Crescent Spur Heliskiing for one reason: We love to ski—particularly the experience of wilderness skiing. The feeling of navigating snow that’s never been skied; the awe-inspiring views of these colossal ranges; and, the exhilaration of a well skied run—we simply wanted more. We also felt compelled to share this experience with other skiers and snowboarders.

Most of our visitors are repeat, and they often tell us that Crescent Spur feels special. They appreciate that we’re founder-run, hands-on, and friendly. They know that our small size, and long history, affords them safe, knowledgeable, personalized service—because these are the same characteristics we value.

We take pride in being professionals and playing a role in the broader heliskiing community. We’re members of professional associations, like HeliCat Canada, and our guides are members of the Canadian Avalanche Association. HeliCat Canada works to maintain high standards for Helicopter and Snowcat Skiing Guides and Operators in BC, Alberta, and the Yukon.

At Crescent Spur, we’ve built our lives around heliskiing, because we feel there’s something truly powerful about this pursuit. Whether you’ve tried heliskiing or not, we encourage you to consider skiing here—because we are committed to making the experience as pleasurable and fulfilling for you, as it is for us.

Our Founder-Run Operation

All those who have skied at Crescent Spur know Regina and Mark. The original founders of Crescent Spur, they’re still as hands-on and active here as they ever were. (Both have worked in the ski industry since the late ‘70s.)

Mark is our Mountain Operations Manager and Lead Guide. He spends most of his time in the mountains, skiing over a million vertical feet every year. Should you choose to ski with us, Mark will personally give you a local’s view of these mountains—that no one else can.

Regina is also an avid skier, but tends to focus more on the financial end of the company, and the lodge—so your after ski experience is as pleasurable as your time in the mountains. As Crescent Spur’s General Manager, Regina ensures a seamless lodge experience where all guests needs are met.

“Amazing experience. Everything was beyond my expectations. What was supposed to be a once in a lifetime trip will be only my first—with more to come.”

andre bissette, québec

Those Who Ski Together…

In the early ‘80s, Regina was working at Selkirk Wilderness Skiing, a snowcat skiing operation, situated north of Nelson. During this time, another young skier named Mark, visited as a guest. He loved skiing good powder so much that he decided to return the next year, as an employee.

For the following seasons, Mark and Regina guided together at Selkirk, until deciding they wanted to create their own operation. In fall of 1987, the young pair purchased Mark’s parents’ farm, and got right down to work. With the help of local trades, and materials native to the region, they transformed Mark’s childhood home into a fledgling heliski lodge.

After years of planning, exploration, and hard work, they officially started operations as Crescent Spur Helicopter Holidays Ltd., in the winter of 1992. Since then they’ve spent every year living the mountain life: guiding in the winter, and enhancing the lodge in the off-season. They also raised their daughter Bryna, at the lodge, marking three-generations of Aubreys to live at Crescent Spur.

Meet some of our people