Dignity is for Losers

It’s hard to tell if this vest had sleeves without looking directly at it.

Most of us have had our share of embarrassing moments on the slopes. Remember those massive headbands and neon onesies? Or when we, as newbies, accidentally plowed into other defenseless beginners? A few of us have even found ourselves being dragged uphill by the T-bar after losing our footing. Ouch!

Normally, we don’t like to remember our past fashions, blunders, and clumsy face-plants. Today, however, we present a unique opportunity for you to turn your less-than-epic memories into something wonderful. So, without further ado, we announce Shame for Gain!

Share your most humiliating moments with us and you could win a week of exhilarating heli-skiing (or heliboarding) at Crescent Spur. This is your chance to experience Canada’s Rockies and Cariboos, while indulging in delectable dining and unforgettable camaraderie at our lodge.

Entering the contest is quick and easy: upload your embarrassing moment to the Shame for Gain site, and then share it on Facebook. The spoils go to the entry with the most votes, so, the Facebook part is important. (There’s never been a better time to ask your friends and family to help you win!)

Share your disgrace now!

Note: All are allowed to enter, with the exception of those in Quebec and Florida.

It was a good day to be skiing in the eighties, carefree and color-blind.

It takes talent to ski downhill without using your legs.

3 Responses to Dignity is for Losers

  1. Rebecca Laschober says:

    I am a califorian living in Austria. Being a preschool teacher i got a job here in Austria atr the lokal sji school. I worked as a chilkdrens ski instructer. However i was a very poor skiier. I was 35 years old and just learning.
    It was my job to get the kids down the mountain at the end of the day and deliver them to thier parents.
    So we would “plow” doen on the side of the slopes, me being very carefull with the kids. Actually i weas terrified but did not want to lose my job.
    As the head ski instruktor saw me and the kids it was imeadiatly obvious that i could not ski. For the days to follow i was instructed to take off my Ski instruktor Jacket BEFORE i start to ski down!!!
    I was so embarresed to be the only staff member who had to take OFF the Ski school Jecket to be allowed to ski in Public! :-)Boy was that an emabarresing season!
    10 years later I am now great Skiier and have since worked as a qualified ski instructer.

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