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The three stages of the skiier: BEGINNER! INTERMEDIATE! ADVANCED! haha A photographer must always be ready to capture the magic when it is presented :)

Taken during my 2010 trip to Verbier, the Swiss Alps with my Panasonic Lumix G1, 45-200mm lens.

Processing carried out in CS3.

Much better when viewed in large.

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So above is the infamous onesy that i will tell a story about.. Was a perfect day in the snowy mountains in Australia, Charlottes Pass ski resort to the exact. Was a hot blue bird day after a decent sized dump the night before and was crusing the small slopes and living the snow dream with friends. Being such a hot day i only had to wear the onesy with minimal clothing (just shirt and jocks) which inturn was a bad idea. Going in for some apres’ we decided to go through the terrain park at the base of the resort leading to the village. Watched all my friends go over the “small” 20ft jumps which i knew i could do. So i dropped in lookin stylish in my onesy and tried a nice smooth grab, didnt happen. caught an edge and smashed myself on the tiny jump in a tiny resort. shameful right??? Wrong.. I rode down to the bar where a crankin bbq and ice bar was set up for the patrons. Where people started looking at me and laughing, not noticing myself that when i got up so quickly from failing and riding away that the whole bottom leg seam and half the chest seam had broken, exposing my pasty white thighs and tight green underwear! then my friends joined in laughin and that was that, perfect day put to shame standing there in my half onesy posing half naked to over 50 people..yay….

Kane Hooson

ps now i dont have a onesy for the whistler season thats a shame too :(

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little rock in the landing

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Cam bail

Cam, my brother, attempted to back flip over these trees. He had enough clearance for his body to get over, but as he came around his tips caught the top of the tree causing a double-eject at +20 ft above the ground. One of the skis nearly took my head off as it came down creating quite the overall blooper. Shot on the Sub-Peak at Revelstoke.

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End of day, tired and was standing up too straight when I hit a bump and dropped like a sack of marbles. Top it off, the old man gets a laugh in.

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It was a lovely day at the Snowbombing 2011 Music Festival, so why not strip off and hit the park in your trusty leopard skin G-banger! I was feeling pretty confident in my scantily clad attire, so I came down the mountain and hit the first jump only to fail the landing and fall smack-bang on my butt. Needless to say it was a little chilly and afterwards i looked a little bit like a red-arsed baboon! Good times were had by all…

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