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A legendary ritual at Crescent Spur

The subject of this history lesson is very close to our hearts. You all want to know: where did the “shot-ski” come from? Yes, this ritual is legendary, and now you can learn when and where it started!

After hours at Crescent Spur
Crescent Spur Guests enjoying the “shot-ski”

One evening a guest of ours rose after his dinner, and returned to the dining room with a very odd looking item: a ski to which 4 shot glasses were attached. He proceeded to explain that he had snowcat skied a number of years before with a guest who had insisted on using his own long, stiff skis, rather than the recommended powder skis provided.

The result of this decision was a broken leg that ended the fellow’s holiday on a rather unhappy note. In his sense of regret at his poor choice, he donated his offending ski to the group with shot glasses attached. Instructions were also provided: any individuals who were deemed to have made silly decisions during the ski day would be publicly acknowledged each evening, and required to drink a shot from the “shot-ski.”

Our guests initiated this practice at Crescent Spur, and the rest is—you guessed it—history!