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What the Hell Does Mark Do In the Off-Season??

So – one of the most commonly asked questions in casual conversation in the lodge is “What do you guys do in the off season? Must be pretty quiet around here”!

If you are thinking in terms of human voices, then you are right.  It’s just a few people – Mark, Regina, Jessica, Adam and other occasional visitors hanging out. No noisy boisterous joke telling at dinner, and no theme nights (unless you count Hockey Night in Canada which dominates starting late fall).

Mark Aubrey in the office
Mark’s Winter Office

It’s more the sounds of coyotes, ravens, hoot owls and wait- what’s that sound? Oh yeah, the sound of the chop saw, hammer drill,  and cement mixer.  And those other occasional sounds of some words specially reserved for the “pinched fingers, rocks dropped on toe” type of events.

Those are the sounds of the off season.  Also the sound of a motor boat, the hum of a fishing reel, the splash of a fish as it escapes the hook (those fish are tricky).

Take a look at Mark’s typical summer in Crescent Spur– he morphs from heli-ski guide and host, to carpenter, stone worker, fisherman (not to mention mower of 8 acres of lawn and occasional cow chaser for the 200 cows and calves on fields we lease to a neighbor). It’s no wonder that at the end of the day you can often find him watching the news through his eyelids!


Mark and daughter Bryna on the river
Master at the Chop Saw
One of Mark’s many “off-season” projects
Guide, Host and Stonemason, Mark Aubrey
Mark’s finished stone work project at the staff house