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Celebrating Garry

What do you do with someone who just keeps coming back, time after time, year after year? What happens when he has already received his 5 Trip Arcteryx wind jacket, his 10 Trip Arcteryx ski jacket and pants,  his 15 Trip Eagle Creek Luggage, and his 20 Trip free week?

Garry James -25 trips with Crescent Spur!

It’s uncharted territory.  Do we name a wing in the lodge after him; do we give him some riverfront property, or do we give him time on Marks favorite toy, his bobcat for snow clearing (we know all guys like doing this)? The thing is, he doesn’t just come on his own – between himself, wife Carrie and their two sons, Garry has racked up 52 weeks since 2000, and 3 more this spring will bring it to 55 trips with Crescent Spur.  And – he brings lots of friends who love to ski with him.

Heli-Skiing with Friends - the best way to spend quality time in the mountains!

What we know about Garry is that he loves to ski, but just as important he loves the camaraderie of being with family and friends in the mountains and the lodge. Garry always says it is the whole experience; it is “way beyond skiing”.  It gets hard to find new ways to say ‘thank you’. But we’ll keep trying.  And in the meantime, here’s a toast to you Garry and a little poem from the heart.

Ode to Garry
By Regina Aubrey (with apologies to Edgar Allen Poe)

Once upon a midnight dreary while I pondered weak and weary
Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore
As I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping
As of someone gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door
‘Tis some visitor I muttered, tapping at my chamber door
Only this and nothing more

It was Garry, looking harried, tapping at my chamber door
He was frantic, looking twitchy and while tired, and feeling bitchy
I felt I had to hear his ranting, hear his ranting, as he was panting, panting at my chamber door (only panting nothing more)
He plunked down and looking twitchy, didn’t care if I was bitchy
“Do not dismiss me”, Garry muttered and as he spoke he merely uttered,

“Snow is falling, snow is piling. I look outside, I can’t stop smiling
Get the group, round the guides, where is Trent, he cannot hide
It may be dark, it may be night, but we must be ready by morning light.
Rouse the guests, feed them quick, time is passing, hear it tick
Get the skis, go get Mark, (he’s still sleeping ’cause it’s dark)
And where is Adam, the little fart

I’ve only got three weeks this year of heli-skiing at the Spur
I’ve got theme nights to plan and plots to scheme, heli-skiing is my dream
I’ve got mountains to ski and powder to shred, visions keep rumbling through my head
Of all the fun I have each time, with snow and friends and food and wine

Snow is falling, falling, falling; powder turns are calling, calling
Start the bird, pass the word, let’s go skiing; – how absurd”.

He said this last as calm took o’er, “I hope I’m not a dreadful bore
But heli-skiing’s at my core, I’ll be here when I’m a hundred and four

I love to ski but it’s more that that, it’s more than that, yes more than that”
He said this as he wagged his finger, continuing to linger while wagging his finger
“It’s way beyond skiing, it’s a part of my being, I hope you are seeing
What I’m trying to say”

“Relax”, I said “Garry, it’s just that you see
That it’s friendship, adventure and skiing through trees
It’s mountains and nature, all of the above, and to do it with new friends and people you love,

Well there’s not too much better, I have to agree
But we don’t ski at night and it’s just after three
So go to the boot room, take off boots and pack
Well see you at stretch class to loosen your back
You’ll eat a big breakfast then head out the door. And I know you’ll be here at a hundred and four…”
Yes, we’ll see you here at a hundred and four…”

Garry knows the experience is "Way Beyond Skiing"