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While You’re Counting the Sleeps

Throughout the years we’ve been able to capture some of the most breathtaking views here at Crescent Spur. Instead of keeping them all to ourselves, we’ll be sharing some with you while waiting for the heli-ski season to start. Through a series of digital wallpapers, available over a variety of platforms: from mobile, tablet, and iOS devices, as well as multiple desktop resolutions, we hope to remind you of the incredible experiences that are waiting for you at Crescent Spur.

The first wallpaper we are sharing is a stunning shot of one of our helicopters flying over the seemingly infinite mountain range. It comes courtesy of Neal Rogers, and seems like the perfect vista to motivate you… while you’re busy working on all that serious stuff you do at the office. Find the right size for your device below.

Download wallpaper for your computer:
PC/Mac desktop: 1024 x 768
PC/Mac desktop: 1280 x 800
PC/Mac desktop: 1280 x 1024
PC/Mac desktop: 1366 x 768
PC/Mac desktop: 1440 x 900
PC/Mac desktop: 1920 x 1080 

Or, download wallpaper for your mobile device:
High resolution tablet (e.g. iPad Retina): 2048 x 2048
Standard resolution tablet: 1024 x 1024
Smartphone (e.g. iPhone, Android): 720 x 1280