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Fact or Fallacy: You Have to Jump Out of the Helicopter

Of all the heli-ski myths we’ve heard to date, our favourite surrounds getting out of the helicopter. Turns out all those years of Warren Miller movies have taken their toll, and now prospective skiers think they need to pull a “Bond-move” to enjoy a little white fluffy stuff.

It probably goes without saying, but no one ever jumps out of the helicopter with their skis on at Crescent Spur. Doing so would not only be dangerous, but having 8 people with skis on in a helicopter is a physical impossibility. (There just isn’t that much room in there.)

The beauty of the helicopter is in its agility. We clearly mark landing areas as the season approaches, and land incredibly precisely at those spots. Upon touching down, guests disembark, while our guides unload their skis from the basket. After the helicopter flies off, we then get on our boards and have some fun!

And there you have it: another heli-ski myth debunked.