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Fact or Fallacy: Only Extreme Skiers Can Heli-ski

Perhaps it’s the prevalence of extreme-ski films and things like the X-Games, but a lot of folks have a pretty skewed—and gnarly—perspective on what it takes to handle a heli-ski trip.

While you can certainly ski hard at Crescent Spur, most of our guests aren’t hucking off massive cliffs or skiing radical lines. The majority of our guests are strong intermediate level (or better) skiers. They’re good, and come prepared, but you certainly don’t need to be Seth Morrison to experience skiing at its best. Our guests are looking for great skiing in a wilderness setting – no lifts, no grooming, no crowds, just wilderness in its natural state.

Additionally, the sport has changed over the years. The equipment is more forgiving, and the skis are notably wider. This opens the sport up to a whole number of people who otherwise might have been stuck in lift lines for the rest of their lives.

And there you have it: another heli-ski myth debunked.