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Fact or Fallacy: The Helicopter Can’t Fly When It’s Snowing

Amongst the more curious myths surrounding heli-skiing, this one relates to the helicopter and weather conditions. For some strange reason, a number of people are under the misunderstanding that helicopters are incapable of flying when it’s snowing.

We’d like to put this myth to rest for once and for all: helicopters are incredibly adept in a wide-range of conditions, and—yes—they most certainly can fly when it’s snowing. Thank goodness, as snow is what Crescent Spur is all about! Some of our best days happen when it is snowing and we head to our great tree skiing terrain. Last season was one for record snowfall yet we didn’t have one down day!

Additionally, our highly-skilled pilots are well practiced in a wide range of weather conditions. They’ll keep you safe and sound, even when Mother Nature tosses a few flakes our way.

And there you have it: another heli-ski myth debunked.