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Whiskey Whiskey Papa is Ready for Action

Preparation  is in full swing at the lodge for the start of our ski season. The lodge staff, guides, helicopter, and flight crew arrive on December 28th for our set up week—and our first guests arrive on January 5th. The snow is piling up, and we are excited to start our 2014 season!

While we are busy getting ready at the lodge, the team at Ascent Helicopters has been busy preparing WWP (better known as Whiskey Whiskey Papa) for the ski season as well. They work hard to supply us with a beautiful, state-of-the-art aircraft. In November, the Bell 205 aircraft received an amazing exterior repaint, underwent heavy maintenance, and had an interior clean up to get ready for the ski season. Read on to see the process.

WWP in flight
WWP is a thing of beauty—particularly when in flight, among our epic mountain ranges!

First, they disassemble the machine and ready it for painting.
Then, it is moved into the paint booth.
It comes out of the paint booth, shiny and blue!
Back assembled and ready to fly away
It is then reassembled and ready to fly away!
Ready for another deep season!
Finally WWP returns to its natural habitat: waiting for another deep season of skiing and snowboarding!

Crescent Spur Heliskiing and Ascent Helicopters take pride in constantly striving to provide their guests with the very best experience possible. We look forward to seeing you soon!