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Living the “Wildlife” at Crescent Spur

Spring in Crescent Spur brings lots of wildlife into our backyard. Recently, on our daily walk to the river with the dogs, we came across a hawk that had flown into a page wire fence. Its wing was obviously broken. So we went home and got the cat crate and returned. By this time, the hawk had hidden under a spruce tree that was on the ground, so, we had to search for it. It spent the night in our front entryway.

A little friend we met on our daily walk.

We tried feeding the hawk some wild game that our neighbour brought for us, but it did not seem hungry. It perked up though the night, and was more alert and moving more when Mark will drove it the two hours into Prince George.

We handed the hawk over to a trucking firm that took it to Delta (another 10 hours) to an Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre called O.W.L (an incredible organization—check it out)! If the bird can be saved,they will care for it and treat it and then they will then ship it back to us, to be released here in its natural environment. How cool is that!?

Another great use for heli-ski gloves
Those Crescent Spur gloves come in handy from time to time.
Into the crate
Preparing our new friend for transport—and healing!