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A Hollywood Star in Crescent Spur

Next time you step into WWP to be whisked into the mountains for a day of fantastic skiing, know that you are rubbing shoulders with one of Hollywood’s newest stars.

godzilla (2) circled
Godzilla (Photo courtesy of the

WWP spent last spring filming Godzilla in Vancouver. It underwent 6 paint jobs, and can be seen in several scenes in the movie. We are sure you’ll agree that Whiskey Whiskey Papa is a star of the show, and isn’t just another pretty helicopter! Ascent Helicopter pilots Trent Lemke and Frank Walcher had roles as stunt pilots. We are sure their new found fame isn’t going to their heads…

WWP Preparing for Battle
Trent "Stunt Man" Lemke
Trent “Stunt Man” Lemke
Frank "Strong Man" Walcher
Frank “Strong Man” Walcher
WWP in the Studio
WWP in the Studio

Ascent Helicopters Whiskey Whiskey Lima also made an appearance in the movie. Check out WWL in action in this video clip below.

We loved seeing WWP in action in Gozilla, but are anxiously awaiting its return to it’s leading role as our ‘lift’ for another season of awesome heli-skiing!

WWP at home in the Mountains
WWP at home in the Mountains