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CS Fall Update

Fall is in the air in Crescent Spur. Snow has started to dust the tops of the mountains, and the countdown is on to the start of our 24th season! Just 74  days until our first guests arrive.

The Road to Crescent Spur - Snow in the Rockies!
The Road to Crescent Spur – Snow in the Rockies!

Mark has been busy this off-season with many lodge upgrades and an addition of two new bedrooms.  As always, each year we try to make improvements to the guest experience.


There is much talk about the big El Niño predicted for this winter – and many of you have asked what this means for Crescent Spur. For us the El Niño can present 2 scenarios. One is a winter of Pineapple Expresses- which can bring warm, wet weather. Last winter was an example of this, although we still had some excellent skiing despite the challenges. The other scenario is a winter of huge snowfall. We had this type of El Niño year in 1997, and it was an excellent snow year for us. Of course we are hoping for a repeat of ’97, and we hope the forecasters’ that are calling for such a winter are right! Whichever scenario presents itself, we are fortunate that within our 2 mountain ranges, we have a multitude of different options from high alpine glaciers to great tree skiing and everything in between.

Glacier skiing in 2015
Glacier skiing in 2015
Looking ahead to 2016

We look forward to seeing you this winter! Let it snow!