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2017 Booking Reminder!

General booking for our 2017 Season opens on Monday, November 23rd.

For those currently booked into our 2016 season: You have priority booking privileges for your same space in the 2017 season until November 23rd. If you wish to keep your same space, please contact our office before then to reserve your spot. If you wish to change weeks, please let us know your preference before November 23rd, and we will do our best to accommodate you. *Please be sure to check the dates for your week in 2017, as we have had to shift the tours a bit as we do every 5 years or so*.

For those not booked for this season, but looking to come ski with us in 2017: All available spaces will be posted on our website on the morning of November 23rd, and open for booking at that time. You may contact our office before then to let us know your preferred week(s).

The 2017 dates are now up on our website! We have a few spaces left in our 2016 season – give us a call if you would like to join us!

Let it snow!


Come Ski With Us!
Come Ski With Us!