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A Great Week of Skiing!

The third week of our season has just ended – what an epic week! We had a great variety of ski experiences from open bowls in the Rockies and high glaciers in the Cariboos, skied in spectacular morning light and afternoon sun, to deep powder tree skiing in the big spruce forests of Macleod Creek .

Powder Skiing Glory
Powder Skiing Glory
Ralph Ripping it Up

No two days alike – but together adding up to a fantastic week of skiing!
A big thanks to our British friends – great to see all of you again! It was a pleasure to welcome our new friends from Norway, and as always, a pleasure to have Eric back (for his 15th trip!) with Crescent Spur!

Scotty's , Mount Rider
Scotty’s , Mount Rider
It's a tough Job, but Keith is happy to do it!
It’s a tough Job, but Keith is happy to do it!
Gay Tubbyed