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March 5-10 Conditions… EPIC!

This week was truly epic with cold temperatures, tons of fresh dry powder, and a extensive tour of our tenure. We skied the classics runs  Notre Dame, Waimea, Cathedral, Plasticos and Belt Grinder in the Dore Wendle area of the Cariboos, and headed to the trees on Friday to ski Highlander, Immortality and Lagavulin among others. In the Rockies we had a fantastic day in Mount Rider on Scotty’s, Haggard Glacier and Primero and hit fantastic tree skiiing in the Morkill including Valentinos, Kickin’ Country, Piano Man and OTK. 

A huge thanks to all who joined us to make this such a fun and memorable week! 

An incredible day in the Cariboos!
Size Matters
KMac was feeling pretty pleased with himself 🙂 Nice Tracks!
Happy Wedding Present Julie & Levi!
Evil “Tom” Kneivel – the “Shred Legend”
A spectacular day in the mountains
A big thanks to the medical crew for 16 years at Crescent Spur!
Thanks for a fantastic week!