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Tours 7 & 8 – Brrrrr!

It’s official! As of this past Saturday we are half way through our 2019 season, here at Crescent Spur Heli-Skiing – hard to believe!

It’s a tough job… (but we are pretty sure Linus enjoys doing it!) Photo:Neal Rogers

The last two weeks brought clear skies and some very cold weather, but that didn’t stop our guests from getting out everyday and taking advantage of all that the mountains have to offer (after making sure to pack lots of extra hand and toe warmers!).

Tour 8 saw temperatures warm up and by mid-week it was more mild in the alpine than it was down at the lodge. The excellent coverage we have this season has allowed us to access runs throughout our entire tenure. We have been able to ski runs that we haven’t been able to ski in a few years, and had some incredible runs on The Twins, Madame Cleo and Yellow Taxi down south in the Dore/Wendle Zone. One of our long-time guests, Neal, was back with us last week and he wowed us once again with his incredible photography – a couple of his great shots are featured in this post.

Dazzling Damien 😉 Photo credit: Neal Rogers
Vintage, Cariboo Mountains Photo credit: Neal Rogers

It was a bit too chilly to hold our weekly bonfire during tour 7 (curling up next to the fireplace in the lodge after skiing was much more appealing) but last Thursday night we were able to get back out and enjoy mulled cider and great company next to a roaring blaze. The evening was made extra special by a spectacular firework show courtesy of the crew from Montana, and all our guests and staff were able to make it out to take it all in.

An amazing light show! A huge thanks to Mike from Montana! Photo credit: Ari Bruns
A Happy Group! Photo credit: Neal Rogers

Friday brought our 10-15 of fresh snow, and the groups spent the last day of their trip tree skiing with faceshots in McLeod Creek – a great end to a wonderful week!

Tour 9 is now well underway and the first two days have been spent skiing the glaciers down south. With more snow in the forecast for the coming days it’s hard to say where the groups will end up this week but we’ll keep you posted!