A look back at our 2018 season!

What better way to celebrate the official beginning of summer than to look back at the amazing winter we had in 2018!

We were proud to host more than 250 guests from 11 countries over our 14 weeks of operation. Each week brought both new and returning guests that we were lucky enough to create new memories with both in the mountains, and around the fire in the lodge.

This season saw great skiing in all 4 zones in our tenure across the Northern Rockies and Cariboos. The snow gods blessed us with over 46 days that saw 10+ cm of fresh snow – our biggest storm dropped a whopping 175cm! All of this fun in the snow was captured in pictures by our amazing guests and guides and a snap from each tour is posted below.

22 of our guests celebrated milestones with Crescent Spur this winter – 8 people skied with us for their 5th week, another 8 for their 10th week, 1 for their 15th week, 4 for the big 2-0. One special guest celebrated both 50 (and then 51, 52 AND 53) weeks of skiing at Crescent Spur! That’s over one whole year spent in these amazing mountains. (Check out our blog celebrating Garry here) 33% of our guests this season skied with us for the first time, and we feel honoured to welcome them to the Crescent Spur family. We are also proud to say that our female contingent grew by 6.4% this year! Let’s keep this trend going and get more ladies out here on the slopes.

It’s time to begin the count down to the start of the 2019 season. General booking for 2020 opens in mid-November 2018. We can’t wait to see you all soon! Click here for a little conditions update 😉 Let’s go skiing!

Tour 3 on top of the world
Tour 4 took to the skies
Tour 5 waiting for their chariot
Tour 6 was in it deep
Tour 7 carving silky lines
Tour 8 slicing it on a blue bird day
Tour 9 going full send
Tour 10 keeping watch on the valley below
Tour 11 enjoying the white room
Wave your hands in the air Tour 12
Tour 13 making magic
Happy faces for Tour 14
Tour 15 takes a trip to the forest
Tour 16 hanging out next to the hanging glacier


March 19-24 – 50/60 Madness

What a week! Fantastic spring skiing conditions and a week long party celebrating the 50th and 60th birthdays of a number of our guests. We ended the week with local band Roadside Splinter who had the place rocking all night! We will let the pictures tell the story for this week. Thanks to all who joined us and made this such a memorable celebration!

Spring Skiing at its best!
Photo by Dave S
Friends who ski together…
Photo by David S
Admiring their work. Nice Tracks!
Knee Deep!
Dramatic Spring Skies
Bluebird Powder Day
Photo By Susana
The Birthday Boy
Photo by Susana
50/60 Party Crew
Roadside Splinter Rockin’ the House
Happy 60th year Mark!
Alberto and his Groupies

March 5-10 Conditions… EPIC!

This week was truly epic with cold temperatures, tons of fresh dry powder, and a extensive tour of our tenure. We skied the classics runs  Notre Dame, Waimea, Cathedral, Plasticos and Belt Grinder in the Dore Wendle area of the Cariboos, and headed to the trees on Friday to ski Highlander, Immortality and Lagavulin among others. In the Rockies we had a fantastic day in Mount Rider on Scotty’s, Haggard Glacier and Primero and hit fantastic tree skiiing in the Morkill including Valentinos, Kickin’ Country, Piano Man and OTK. 

A huge thanks to all who joined us to make this such a fun and memorable week! 

An incredible day in the Cariboos!
Size Matters
KMac was feeling pretty pleased with himself 🙂 Nice Tracks!
Happy Wedding Present Julie & Levi!
Evil “Tom” Kneivel – the “Shred Legend”
A spectacular day in the mountains
A big thanks to the medical crew for 16 years at Crescent Spur!
Thanks for a fantastic week!

February 25-March 3 Conditions

Another fantastic week in the mountains! Many of our guests expressed that they had experienced the best runs or even the best week of skiing of their lives. We did a great tour of our tenure this week: Awesome tree skiing on Valentino’s and Piano Man in the Morkill area of the Rockies; an epic big forest day on Highlander and Immortality in Macleod Creek in the Cariboos with top to bottom faceshots; beautiful runs on the glaciers in the Cariboos and deep powder runs on Scotty’s, Warlock and ProBowl in the Rockies. Thanks to all who joined us for this incredible week!

Face Shots top to bottom on Immortaliity
“The Legend” Garry James (aka The Heli Devil)
So happy to have Bobby back at the Spur!
Perfect turns on Highlander
Aloha Lee
Celebrating 20 Trips with Gov!


Garrett the Flash
Flying Grandma Carrie
A Happy Group
Snorkel required

March 15-16 Conditions

March 15- A cold, clear, beautiful day in the mountains. Temperatures were around -5 to -8 C, and the sun was shining. We skied in the Cariboos on the glaciers – the highlight of the day was O’ Cannabis. The snow softened up in the afternoon making for some great turns.

Glorious Glacier Days - in the Cariboos
Glorious Glacier Days – in the Cariboos
Glorious Glacier Days - in the Cariboos
Glorious Glacier Days – in the Cariboos

March 16- Another beautiful day here with clear sunny skies, no wind, and temperatures -1 to – 8 C.  We did a Blackwater and Mount Rider tour today.  We started with sunny aspects, looking for soft snow. Great scenery and good conditions on big south facing bowls like Tonto, Alakanda, Cheslatta and Sekani. In the afternoon we skied soft snow on Scotty’s, Pro Bowl and finished on a spectacular run on the backside of Mnt Rider. A great day of heli-skiing.

Blackwater Beauty - Rocky Mountains
Blackwater Beauty – Rocky Mountains

A Great Start to the Week!

Cool temps, blue sky and sunshine made for another beautiful day in the mountains. We got into the Blackwater area of the Rocky Mountains for the first time this season, and had some great runs on Haida and Carrier in the morning. In the afternoon we moved into the Mount Rider  area and had some nice runs on Pro Bowl.

The Gov - 16 Trips with CS
The Gov – 16 Trips with CS
Blackwater, Rocky Mountains
Blackwater, Rocky Mountains
The guides are working hard to find us great turns
The guides are working hard to find us great turns
Heli Buddies
Heli Buddies
Beautiful Blackwater - Rocky Mountains. Can you spot the tracks?
Beautiful Blackwater – Rocky Mountains. Can you spot the tracks?
Perfect Lunch Spot
Perfect Lunch Spot

A fantastic week!

We had a spectacular week of alpine skiing in both the Rockies and the Cariboos. The 20cm of new snow we got last weekend still remains soft and silky in many locations in the alpine and at tree line. A fantastic group of people made for a memorable and very fun week!

A Stunning Day
A Happy Crew
A Happy Crew
Nice Ride
Nice Ride
Grandma Carrie Rippin'
Grandma Carrie Rippin’
Scotty Celebrating 10 Trips with the Spur