A Tribute To Florian

For those of you who were fortunate to have skied with Florian, you will know his passion and love for the mountains was contagious. Our guest, and dear friend Frank Matson has put together a beautiful tribute to Flo.




Fact or Fallacy: You Have to be Under 50 to Heli-Ski

We’ve heard our share of improbable things about heli-skiing; nevertheless, the frequency  of these queries indicates that some “myths” remain. In the upcoming weeks, we’ll examine them individually and provide a dose of reality.

A lot of folks think heli-skiing and boarding to be a young man’s game. This isn’t the case, though. Sure, we have some younger folks up here, but the average Crescent Spur guest ranges between 25 and 65 years of age. We also have skiers here in their 70s who still rip it!

Plus, there are the Flying Grannies: a group of women in their 60s and 70s who can cut some pretty mean lines. Want to see for yourself? Check out the video below:

And there you have it: another heli-ski myth debunked.

From Slovenia with Love

We get pretty excited when guests send us mementos from their week—especially video. Last year, Matjaz, Primoz, and Jure came up to Crescent Spur and they were kind enough to share the video they made. These guys are from Slovenia and really great skiers. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the show!


Saying “Aloha” to Waves of White Stuff

The Crescent Spur guides have awfully steady hands with the camera (and a knack for catching people in the snow). Our thanks to guide extraordinaire Flo for this footage.

We’ve gathered some clips from last season and compiled them in this little video:

Hopefully this gets you in the spirit for the upcoming season! If nothing else, it should help you pass the time, whether you’re commuting to work, participating in a sales seminar, or just waiting for the snow to fall.

In other news: it’s hard to believe we’re only weeks away from the start of the 2013 season. Last year was epic! Not only was it our 20th season, La Nina was very good to us, resulting in a snowpack of over 15 feet! Can’t wait to see what the upcoming season has in store!

In the meanwhile, there are more videos coming. So hang tight. Until then… “hang 10,” dude.

A Powder Dream

Mark and I have a deep passion for what we do, and we’re very thankful to still be here today. Skiing also plays a large part in how Mark and I met. Today, we still greatly enjoy catering to heli-skiers and heli boarders, particularly those who are as passionate about the sport as we are. We hope you enjoy our tenth and final video, which will show you how the Crescent Spur Heli-Skiing dream began. (Be prepared to revisit the fluorescent eighties!)

You Won’t Lose Weight Heli-Skiing At Crescent Spur

Speaking from experience, an intense day of heliskiing or heli-boarding can really work up an appetite. We think it’s important to fuel up on delicious and healthy food, so we choose to use lots of fresh, locally-sourced ingredients in our cooking. It’s not always easy for our chefs to cook for twenty skiers, but they eagerly accept the challenge! If you’re ready to whet your appetite, take a look at our ninth video.

The World’s Most Deluxe Ski Lift

In order to access remote ski terrain, a helicopter comes in pretty handy. Our state-of-the-art Bell 205 helicopter is a thing of beauty, boasting incredible lifting capacity as it carries our guests off to incredible heli skiing in the Cariboo and Rocky Mountains. Watch our eighth video to gain an in-depth look at the Bell 205, and how our pilots keep everything running smoothly.

Keeping a Close Eye on You

Ever wonder what goes on at the lodge once all of the heliskiers have gone out for the day? Picture a nice, quiet setting, and the remaining Crescent Spur staff putting their feet up by the roaring fireplace with a hot bowl of soup and a good book. Sounds cozy, right? Well, as nice as that would be, that’s certainly not the case. Get an inside look at the action that takes place, in our seventh video.