A Labour of Love

Anyone who has visited the lodge at Crescent Spur knows that we work hard to make it a special place. Each year, it undergoes varying degrees of transformation as we strive to maintain and enhance the warm and friendly atmosphere that our guests keep returning for. How do we find the time to do this? Check out our sixth video and discover the how the lodge keeps evolving, as well as its origins.

There’s Something About Tuffy

Many lodges have their own “mascot”—that special someone who is constantly hanging around, always wanting to be a part of the action. The one at Crescent Spur has become well-known for his loving character and positive demeanor, ready for a cuddle at a moment’s notice. Meet Tuffy in our fifth video, and see how he wins the hearts of all who meet him.

A Leading Role

It seems fair to say that guides can significantly influence a guest’s experience, regardless of the sport. For some of our newer visitors, it can take them a day or two to get comfortable with the guides at Crescent Spur (who are very friendly, by the way). By the end of the week, however, everyone tends to have bonded over sharing an incredible adventure (not to mention, a few drinks and a hot tub session or two). Learn more about the influential role heli-skiing guides play in our
fourth video.

With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility

As a heli-skiing operation, it’s fair to say that we wouldn’t get very far without our pilots. Flying in the mountains is no easy task either—it takes years of experience and thousands of practice hours. So, while flying our guests around spectacular mountain ranges seems like (and is) an amazing job, it comes with huge responsibility. Check out our third video and see how our pilots work closely with our guides to deliver exhilarating, and safe, heli ski trips.

We’re All in This Together

At Crescent Spur, safety is one of our foremost priorities. Each morning, we’re up well before any of our guests are awake, prepping for another exhilarating day of heli-skiing in the mountains. The guides and pilot have to consider a wide range of factors to help to ensure a safe and exciting experience.  Of course, our guests also play an important role in safety—take a look at our second video to find out how.

So You Want to Run a Heli-Skiing Operation?

Over the years, quite a few guests have remarked that running a heli-ski operation must be a dream job. Who could argue with them, when you look at the mountain terrain, lodge life, and untouched powder? What some might not realize is what it takes to make it all happen. So, we’ve created a batch of videos to give you a behind-the-scenes perspective. Here’s the first; take a look and let us know what you think!