Hot-tubbing, Massages, Quiet Reflection, and Group Fun

Unwind and Connect With Good Friends

Skiing and snowboarding in the mountains is thrilling, and also a very physical experience. Upon ending the day’s activities, most skiers welcome the opportunity to relax and heal their bodies. Guests return to the lodge, mid to late afternoon (depending on the time of year), and are met with hot/cold hors d’oeuvres, icy beer, and daily drink specials.

From that point, a soak in the open-air hot tub, or a sweat in our indoor cedar sauna, takes care of the rest.

We have one on-site massage therapist, and you can book a session upon your arrival at the lodge.

Want to connect with family? Use the lodge’s free Wi-Fi to send home photos of the day’s heliskiing action. Alternately, you might elect to have some private time: grab a book from our small library, and curl up at the cozy sunken fireplace.

Having Fun Together

After so much fresh air and good skiing, it’s nice to connect with friends. Many enjoy relaxing around the bar and sharing the day’s stories/photos, and others take in a game of pool.

Of all the activities at Crescent Spur, group ones seem to be the most memorable for our guests. In fact, they often get creative, making up rather elaborate activities. We encourage everyone to participate in the various evenings’ fun, which ranges from trivia to (sometimes colorful) variations on popular group games.

Crescent Spur regulars cite hospitality, atmosphere, and the spirit of their fellow visitors as reasons for returning. We attribute such responses to the many laughs and lifelong bonds resulting from these personal, and sometimes wacky, interactions.

“After skiing many, many years with another heli outfit that I thought was the ultimate, I tried Crescent Spur and will never go anywhere else. No heli-ski company can compare with the warmth and care one feels when spending time with everyone at the lodge. The luxurious accommodations, superb food, and warm and friendly staff alone would keep me coming back. Every year feels like a family reunion. The fact that there are two guides for each group, and only two groups of skiers, means there is no waiting. Incredible snow and terrain seals the deal—Crescent Spur is where I want to be for heli-skiing.”

tess nelson, california

Our Fitness Facility

Fitness is an integral part of many Crescent Spur visitors’ lives. Most are not only avid skiers and snowboarders, but also runners, triathletes, and all-purpose adventurers. Knowing our guests are this active, we’ve made available a handful of fitness amenities—so they’re able to keep up their workout schedules.

Our fitness room is available 24/7, and is equipped with a bike, treadmill, rowing machine, elliptical, multi gym, and yoga mats. Additionally, an iPod docking station allows you to work out while listening to your own music. Most guests also take part in our morning stretch class. This class is optional, but we generally advise visitors to attend—as the positive benefits of stretching tend to be felt later in the day, on the mountain.

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