What to Know

A non-refundable deposit is required for each space reserved.

The Semi-Private Package deposit is $2,900 CAD plus tax, per-person.

The Private Package deposit is $29,000 CAD plus tax, per group.

We accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express and Bank Transfer  via our online payment portal hosted by Flywire. We also accept cheques (Canada/USA only). We offer, and strongly recommend, Trip Cancellation insurance at time of deposit.

Your balance of payment is due 16 weeks prior to arrival.

We will send you a reminder 4 weeks prior to the due date—please allow 2 weeks for postal time, as your reservation cannot be confirmed until we’ve received final payment. Payments not received by the due date may result in the cancellation of your booking.

We accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express and Bank Transfer  via our online payment portal hosted by Flywire. We also accept cheques (Canada/USA only).

We set the price of ski packages in the spring, before fuel and helicopter costs for the upcoming season are determined. As such, we may add a fuel/helicopter surcharge to your package price, should fuel and/or helicopter lease expenses exceed our projected costs.

Certain incidentals, services, and other costs, are not included in your package price. These include: flights, massage services, liquor, gratuities, retail purchases, extra vertical, non-scheduled transfers, and emergency medical evacuation. We recommend you purchase insurance, in case of unforeseen circumstances or an emergency situation.

Determining the composition of your group involves a number of considerations, including mathematical calculations, safety protocols, and evaluations of ability and fitness levels. As always, our number one priority is safety for our guests and staff.  In the questionnaire we ask you to fill out prior to your arrival, it is crucial that you provide accurate information so we have the correct information to base our decisions on.

Our aim is to match you with fellow skiers/riders who share similar ability levels and pace whenever feasible. While we accommodate requests for friends and family to ski together as much as possible, we cannot guarantee this arrangement. Various factors, such as the collective weight of the group for ensuring safe helicopter performance, influence our grouping decisions, even if skill levels align.

Should you find yourself in a different group from your family or friends, view it as an opportunity make new heli-buddies, and gather more tales to share during après-ski gatherings. If you have any concerns regarding your group dynamics during your trip, please don’t hesitate to discuss them with your guide or our office at your earliest opportunity. We will make every effort to address your concerns, and if adjustments are possible, we will strive to accommodate them. If circumstances prevent changes, we welcome the chance to provide an explanation. Our ultimate goal is to ensure you have a safe and exceptional skiing experience.

We have some special perks available to guests. If you’ve already stayed with us, you’re eligible for a $250 credit for referring new guests. Visit more than once in a season and get 5% off your lowest package price as a credit to be used on subsequent trips. Need more information? Call us for details.

Many Crescent Spur guests return year after year. As a token of our appreciation, we thank such guests on key anniversaries, with the following: 5 trips: An Arc’teryx Epsilon AR jacket; 10 trips: An Arc’teryx Ski Jacket & Pants; 15 trips: An Arc’teryx Atom Jacket; 20 trips: A free week of heli-skiing with us!

We reserve the right to cancel any package at any time. In the event of such cancellation, we will provide a full refund on the sum you’ve already paid for your heli-ski vacation.

On cancellations made prior to 16 weeks from your arrival date, payment minus deposit will be refunded. We do not offer refunds on cancellations made within 16 weeks of arrival date. We strongly recommend the purchase of cancellation insurance. For your convenience, we offer Trip Cancellation and Emergency Medical/Evacuation Insurance as a package add-on. Alternatively, you can purchase this sort of coverage through your travel agent.

We offer Cancellation Insurance; but this insurance doesn’t cover all potential scenarios. Please be aware of what situations this insurance does and does not cover. Additionally, we offer Medical and Emergency Evacuation Insurance.

Insurance is sold in addition to the package price, and made available at the time of final payment. Cancellation insurance is also offered at time of deposit. You may decline insurance at your own risk; however, without coverage, absolutely no refunds will be issued—even if you’re unable to attend, or your trip is interrupted due to injury. Uninsured parties are also responsible for their own emergency/evacuation costs.

Refunds are available to those who miss their vertical minimum guarantee, due to weather conditions or mechanical breakdowns. These refunds are calculated at a rate of $52 CAD per 1,000 vertical feet. We do not refund for days not skied, nor do we refund for un-skied footage due to lack of fitness/ability, or if you choose to end your ski day early. Vertical is non-transferable.

When we speak of vertical feet, we’re referring to the distance from the top of a run to the bottom. This is the traditional metric for tabulating how much you ski in a run, day, or week. Our packages come with a set amount of vertical: 5 Day packages include 80,000 vertical feet; 6 Day packages include 100,000 vertical feet.

Longer days during the mid–late season do sometimes result in skiers exceeding their set vertical. If you’re nearing your package limit, our guides will let you know. At that point, you can determine if you wish to continue skiing and incur the associated extra vertical costs. Please note that a minimum number of skiers per group is required for extra vertical. The per-person charge for extra vertical is $52 CAD, per 1,000 vertical feet.

Crescent Spur’s liquor license requires us to operate under certain regulations. Therefore, we request that all liquor consumed in the living, dining, and bar area be purchased through our liquor license. Specialty wine and spirits can also be ordered with sufficient advance notice. For those wishing to bring/consume their own wine at dinner or in the common area of the lodge, a corkage fee will be charged.