Rigorous Standards

our approach

Minimizing Risk & Taking Good Care

Safety is our top priority. We are proud to be a member of our industry’s professional association HeliCat Canada, which maintains highest standards for Helicopter and Snowcat Skiing Operators and Guides in BC, Alberta, and the Yukon. Our approach to safety is to work with the best people, invest in continuous education and training, and ensure every guest is properly trained and equipped for their heli-ski experience because a great heli-ski trip is a safe one.

Our Helicopter

A State-of-the-Art Bell 205

Our helicopter holds 10 guests and two guides, is outfitted with precision equipment that allows our pilots to operate safely and accurately, and comes with notable lifting capacity. Crescent Spur pilots are experienced in mountain flying—particularly in winter conditions—and are supported by highly trained engineers who adhere to strict maintenance schedules.

our guides

mountain experts

All of our guides are certified and meet, or exceed, industry qualification requirements and belong to the Canadian Avalanche Association and the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides. They have decades of direct expertise in the mountains and in backcountry skiing, avalanche forecasting, and safety—as well as first aid knowledge, mountain rescue skills, and group management capabilities.

 “CS is the perfect blend of adrenaline, excitement, tranquility and bonding with the mountains, with a safety focus driven by guides and pilots that are much more experienced than most. Then, back to a 5 star lodging and food experience, with a group size that allows for wonderful friendships among skiers and staff alike!”
Scott H., AZ
 “This was the best ski experience I’ve ever had in my life. The guides made every run safe, gave clear directions and maximized our time on the hill. This experience has raised the quality of my life and will again when I return next year!”
Douglas H., BC
“This was my first heli skiing experience and it just blew my expectations out of the water. I felt incredibly safe the entire time, both in the helicopter and on the mountain, and the terrain was fast and fun and beautiful beyond words. I have nothing but great things to say about my time at CS and I’m looking forward to my next trip.”
Josh D., CO
 “Crescent Spur sets the standard for a heli skiing operation. The place runs like a Swiss watch. No detail is overlooked. I have never felt safer in a mechanized skiing operation.”
Rich R., CA
“Crescent Spur is more guest oriented than any other heli operator. Families, spouses, and mixed ability groups can experience heliskiing, while the expert skier gets a full share of challenging terrain, providing a quality heli experience for all ability levels of skiers; from first timers to multi trip guests.”
Jake K., IL