what to pack

get ready

Heli-Skiing Essentials

Good Preparation Makes for a Great Trip

Along with all the excitement, the lead up to your first visit to Crescent Spur can be a bit nerve wracking. To make things easier, we’ve compiled some information to help you prepare for what will be the trip of a lifetime.

What to Bring Heli-Skiing Crescent Spur Heli-Skiing


what we provide

Specialized powder skis (Rossignol Super 7’s) and poles

A selection of snowboards (contact us to discuss our stock)

A safety pack for each guest, containing a Mammut Rocker Avalanche Airbag pack, a Mammut Barryvox Avalanche Transceiver, a radio, a shovel and probe

Another small pack to carry your extra layering items in the helicopter

clothing and gear

what to pack

Don’t take any chances with your boots. We recommend that you take them on the plane as carry-on luggage.

Please note that we do not supply telemark skis, so if you are planning to telemark, you will need to bring them with you.

And check that expiry date! No one wants their holiday derailed before it begins.

We experience a wide range of weather conditions and terrain at Crescent Spur. Therefore, we recommend packing gear that will allow flexibility to shed and add layers as necessary. Some key items include:

  • A two-piece powder suit shell, made of Gortex or other moisture proof fabric

  • A lightweight vest for layering

  • Thin polypropylene or merino wool insulating layers

  • A helmet to protect your noggin’

  • Ear protection (can range from small foam inserts to heavy-duty over the ear muffs)

  • Warm gloves or mitts designed for powder

  • Goggles designed for snowy conditions and a pair of sunglasses

All of these items can also be found in our fully stocked on-site ski shop.

We want you to enjoy your time at the lodge just as much as your time in the mountains. Here are some suggestions for items to pack to enhance your lodge experience:

  • A bathing suit for recharging in the hot tub and sauna

  • Comfortable clothing for morning stretch class

  • Casual attire for après ski (a pair of comfy shoes to wear around the lodge can be nice, too!)

What to Bring Heli-Skiing Crescent Spur Heli-Skiing

visit our retail store

Shop at Crescent Spur

Our retail shop carries a wide range of essential items including Arc’teryx and Patagonia outerwear and insulating layers, Hestra mitts and gloves, Smith goggles and sunglasses as well as sundries and souvenirs.

What to Bring Heli-Skiing Crescent Spur Heli-Skiing
What to Bring Heli-Skiing Crescent Spur Heli-Skiing
What to Bring Heli-Skiing Crescent Spur Heli-Skiing
What to Bring Heli-Skiing Crescent Spur Heli-Skiing
 “Crescent Spur delivers some of the best Heli-skiing in stunning scenery whilst placing safety first and making sure every guest is treated like a VIP and leaves with memories that will last a lifetime—I have no hesitation in recommending this lodge and all the team at Crescent Spur”
Stuart & Jordan , UK
 “I continue to be amazed every year by the quality of the overall heli-skiing experience. All aspects of the operation are first rate, from the beautiful lodge to the amazing skiing and outstanding staff. You couldn’t ask for a more memorable backcountry experience”
Tom O. , NJ
 “It was the experience of a lifetime… spectacular terrain; unbelievable accommodations; amazing cuisine; experienced, knowledgeable guides; and staff that made you feel like you were a part of their family! Crescent Spur…there is no substitute!”
Dave E., CO
 “The stuff of dreams! We loved every single exhilarating, challenging, luxurious, happy, beautiful second of it. The range of skiing is exceptional and just the joy of traveling slowly through those incredible wilderness environments, taking it all in and relishing the peace, space, majesty and beauty of it all, will live with me forever.”
Mary-Anne D.P. , UK