March 3-10 Update

March came in with a BANG! Another great week in the books to keep an epic season rolling.

A series of small convective cells delivered 50cm of new snow throughout the week, keeping things fresh and over the boot tops. Temperatures started out a bit cooler, but warmed up to a pleasant -5 degrees by the end of the week.

Conditions allowed us to explore the Morkill, Dore/Wendle and Mount Rider zones, meaning we were able to ski all the best of our terrain – from our naturally gladed tree runs to big open glacial tracks.

Thanks to our guests from Slovenia and across the USA for a great week!

Samo Vidic shredding on Morpheus ~ Photo: Ari Bruns
The gang having lunch at the bottom of Pumpitude ~ Photo: Ari Bruns
Sam about to leave his mark on that blank canvas ~ Photo: Jesse Dyer
Drake blowin’ smoke on Nunatuk ~ Photo: Ari Bruns
Aljosa bombing the slopes ~ Photo: Samo Vidic
Matjaz “Sugar” Sogoric ~ Photo: Samo Vidic

Conditions Update: A February to Remember – 390cm overall snowfall!

As February has drawn to an end, and the snow continues to fall, we thought we would take a look back at the last month and all of the amazing days we have been blessed with out in the mountains!

Tours 7, 8, 9, and 10 were lucky enough to be part of one of the most epic February’s in recent history. Cold temperatures and a total snowfall of over 390cm (!!!) meant we skied blower, chest deep powder more often than not, and saw us revelling in many storm skiing days in McLeod Creek in the Zig Zag Zone.

You know it’s good when the poor guides start complaining that their cheeks are getting too cold from all of the darn snow flying in their faces!

We think our guests say it best, so here are a few comments from the past few weeks.

“Best ski trip ever!” – Jeff G.
“Words do not explain how I feel!! Wonderful!” – Mike F.
“Best skiing of my life, thank you so much. I’ll never, ever forget this special week.” – Ed K.
“This is the best vacation of my life.. don’t tell my wife!” – Dan O.

And because a picture is worth a thousand words…

Snowy pillows ready for some action! ~ Photo by Neal Rogers
Whiskey Papa scoping the tracks in Tour 8 ~ Photo by Ari Bruns
Bob W. breaks on through to the other side ~ Photo by Ari Bruns
Eddie enjoying a snowy day in the trees of McLeod Creek ~ Photo by Ari Bruns
Frank tearing it up in the Morkill ~ Photo by Ari Bruns
Blower ~ Photo by Neal Rogers
Get this man a snorkel! ~ Photo by Jesse Milner
The man who’s usually behind the lens, Mr. Neal Rogers! ~ Photo by Ari Bruns
A snowy situation! ~ Photo by Neal Rogers
Whiskey Papa, coming in hot! ~ Photo by Neal Rogers
Zac C. carving those silky turns ~ Photo by Christine Feleki

The Man, the Myth, the Legend – Celebrates 52 weeks at Crescent Spur!

The Heli Devil, King of Hearts, Tequila Mule, Master of Ceremonies, The Boss, Chief Garry, and Garry Trebek .. no matter what you call him, there is only one Garry James.

A man whose name has become synonymous with Crescent Spur Heli-Skiing is celebrating 52 weeks of skiing with us! For those of you who don’t know Garry, (and there aren’t many out there) here is our tribute to him.

As a (much) younger man, Garry started skiing with us in 2000 and by 2006 was skiing multiple weeks in a single season. This season, he decided to break another record and is currently skiing his 4th week back to back! While these may seem like big accomplishments, combine that with the 109 weeks his wife and two sons have collectively skied with us, and it is nothing short of incredible.

Garry has influenced the growth and culture of Crescent Spur in countless ways. Over the years he has used his skills as an event planner to bring fun and festivities to each of his weeks. The countless hours organizing and hosting events such as The CS Olympics, Toga Night, Jeopardy and Wild West Saloons, make every guest feel that they are a part of the Crescent Spur Family. Garry truly understands the meaning of Way Beyond Skiing.

As the biggest ambassador for Crescent Spur, Garry has brought many friends (too numerous to count) from his California turf. So many, in fact, that we fondly refer to him as “Crescent Spur South”.

We feel so privileged that Garry has chosen to spend so much of his skiing life with us. His infectious spirit and passion for bringing people together are now woven into the fabric of this place.

The only question in all of this, was: “What do you give a man celebrating a year worth of heliskiing?” Having blown through our Guest Appreciation Program, he doesn’t need another ski suit or jacket embroidered with our logo, he doesn’t need a free week of heliskiing, (been there, done that) or a video of his friends wishing him well (yup, that too!) We finally decided that what every skier wants, in the end, is a great day in the mountains with their best ski buddy. So together with his wife Carrie and son Garrett, we got to work planning a surprise trip to the Spur for Garrett. This past Sunday, while greeting a new group of skiers on their arrival to Crescent Spur, Garry was taken by surprise as Garrett stepped off the bus to join us in celebrating 52 weeks!

A huge thank you to Garry for all you do for all of us. We look forward to your next 52 weeks with us. We love you!

January 20-27 Update

It was a breezy start to the week, one that may have deterred others, but this group (comprised of 50% first time heli-skiers) didn’t let a little wind scare them off!

Their perseverance that first day was rewarded with a fantastic week that contained conditions ranging from sunny skies and cold temps to snowy skiing in the trees of McLeod Creek.

To everyone who skied with us this week – Thank you for your positive attitude, comradery, and infectious spirit!

Sparky & Garry ready to take on the world
Ben cutting through the white gold
Tele Tim
Ted & Sparky split the difference
A mighty good day in the Morkill

January 6-13 Update

What an amazing start to the 2018 Season! Fresh snow combined with cold temps mid-week made for excellent early season conditions. The group got the full tour of our terrain, conquering Mount Rider, The Morkill and McLeod Creek in the Zig Zag Zone.

We were fortunate to host some wonderful people who are working on some exciting projects with us. Early in the week we had Frank and Mike out from Citizen Pictures, who shot footage for a new Orientation and Safety video and Andy and Taylor were here from Heli to shoot content for some exciting partnerships in the near future!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to a great week out in the mountains!

There are still spaces available in this same week in 2019! Call us for details – 1-800-715-5532

Scott Lindsay shredding in the Mount Rider Zone! Photo: Andy Culp @heli
Robert Morgan telemarks with the best of them! Photo: Ari Bruns
Having too much fun on “Slap Activated” Photo: Ari Bruns
Your chariot awaits! Photo: Ari Bruns
Lunch next to McLeod Creek. Photo: Andy Culp @heli

Set up week is well underway!

With 6 days behind us, and one full day to go until guests arrive, set-up week is almost coming to an end! Beds are being made in the rooms, clothes are being hung in the retail shop, and the guides are hard at work out in the field. Snow profile pits dug all around our terrain have revealed an excelled base and with some fresh flurries in the forecast we are excited for our first Tour of 2018 to begin!

Ready to see what’s out there!
No rest for the wicked
Ang & Steve Blake taking a closer look

General Booking for 2019 Opens Nov 20

General booking for our 2019 Season opens on Monday, November 20th, 2017.

For those currently booked into our 2018 season: You have priority booking privileges for your same space in the 2019 season until November 20th. If you wish to keep your same space, please contact our office before then to reserve your spot. If you wish to change weeks, please let us know your preference before November 20th, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

For those not booked for this season, but looking to come ski with us in 2019: All available spaces will be posted on our website on the morning of November 20th, and open for booking at that time. You may contact our office before then to let us know your preferred week(s).

Sass II
Sass II

The 2019 dates are now up on our website! We still have a few spaces left in our 2018 season – give us a call if you would like to join us!

Let it snow!


A true Blue Bird Day

Limited Space Available in 2018!

The snow is falling in the mountains and the start of our 26th season is just 9 weeks away!  We still have a limited number of spaces available in our 2018 season, and we’d love to have you join us!

We have openings in the following weeks:
Tour 3 – January 6-13, 2018 – 3 spaces
Tour 5 – January 20-27, 2018 – 1 space
Tour 12 – March 10-17, 2018 – 1 space
Tour 14 – March 24-31, 2018 – 3 spaces
Tour 16 – April 7-14, 2018 – 3 Spaces – Special Private Week at a Semi-Private price!

Don’t wait, these openings won’t last long!  For more information call 1.800.715.5532 or email 

Who needs a chairlift?!
Crescent Spur Powder

Time to Take Advantage of the Incredible Exchange Rate!

Did you know that 95% of our guests visit us from outside of Canada? Amazing, right?
In our 2017 season 75% came from The United States, and 20% came from Europe.

We feel honoured that so many amazing people from around the world choose to visit us year after year, or try us out for the first time. (Did I mention that 75% of our guests in 2017 were return, and 20% of our guests have skied with us over 15 times!)

With so many international guests the markets can play a big part in how much your vacation will cost you in the end. Why not take advantage of the favourable exchange rates and make your final payment while the Mighty Dollar (or Euro) is on your side?

Many of our guests don’t realize that they can make their final payment (or part of their final payment) at any time before the payment due date. If you are interested in making a payment, contact Jessica at 1-800-715-5532 or

No matter where you call home, we are looking forward to welcoming you to our home in 2018!

Our beautiful backyard

A look back at our 2017 Season

As the summer days get longer your thoughts may not naturally drift to heliskiing, but we at The Spur find ourselves warmed from the inside with fond memories of our 25th season.

One of many blower days

With the shift in the calendar this year, we were in operation for a total of 13 weeks, and what great weeks they were! Tour 3 didn’t seem the mind the shorter days with the temperatures keeping things frosty out in the mountains, but as the mercury settled into a more reasonable range the snow gods seemed to bless us with a fresh dusting of snow almost every week. This season saw great skiing in all 4 zones in our tenure across the Northern Rockies and Cariboos.

We were fortunate to have some “guide-orgraphers” take some amazing pictures out on the slopes, and as usual our guests did not disappoint with their own photos and videos. You all make this look like fun!

36 of our guests celebrated milestones with the Crescent Spur family this year – 17 people skied with us for their 5th week, 12 people for their 10th week, 5 people for their 15th week and 2 lucky powder pigs celebrated 20 weeks of skiing with Crescent Spur! Fill that in with all of our other returning and new guests and you have one hell of a season.

We hope that everyone who skied with us this season had as much fun as we did out in the mountains, and back in the lodge around the bar. You are a big part of ensuring that we can continue to provide services that are current and top notch. Our guests satisfaction survey, which is e-mailed out following your stay, is a major way that we connect with you, and because of this we offer an incentive to complete it. Three lucky guests have won $300 credit towards their next trip! By random draw the winners this season are: Aaron P (CA), Jack L (MA) and Peter G (SWED). Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone who participated.

We are counting down the days to the start of our 2018 season. General booking for 2019 opens on November 19, 2017. We hope to see you all soon! Have a wonderful summer!

Beautiful lines in the Cariboos